16 Unique levels

Thinking outside the box level design

A challenging and short puzzle-platformer


Arrow Keys to Move

Spacebar to Jump

X to Spin

game by mmatt_ugh

cover art by coby

music sfx by Connor Grail

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(51 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
TagsPixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Short


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the soundtrack is soo good


get to the exit door safely without falling off the screen to complete all 16 levels

Thank you for the useful tip!

Great puzzle-platformer game, but after I completed all 16 levels, I noticed that there's a "17" above my black character in the main menu.

The mechanic is incredible and it makes you think about what you would do


How did you make that background in Gamemaker


All I did was create a background layer and put in a sprite with the dots you see.

Then the yin and yang symbol is just a sprite sheet animation on a background layer as well.


Unrelated to the game or how you made it, but (I can't find this on the internet anywhere) what is the resolution of your profile background?

No problem.

What do you mean my profile background?

Like the banner I have on my itch.io profile?

I meant the background on your profile. Like when I click you profile. Although since then I realized it was probably just the resolution of your monitor. I got it working and made a good background. (at least I think ) Can I ask you if my profile looks nice? Also, I freaking love your games. Like seriously how many good games can you make.

I think your profile looks great haha! and thank you for the kind words.

great game, could use a different spin button tho,

How did you make that background in gamemaker?

👏👏👏 good game good game👍

very very cool game 

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very fun time

Can we get a standalone game on steam or make this downloadable on here?

Yin and Yang (Full Game)

I love this game, amazing game mechanic, well done! love the art style too. 


Revisited the game and beat it in almost half the time! Really like the puzzles :)


Make more levels!


Really nice. Pretty relaxing (-ω-)


well its really like no others games in a certain way...great to enjoy new mechanics that doesn't remenber me other games :) Still I have problem to decode the gameplay..maybe because it's too late...Anyway great game :)


I like the idea and had fun playing :D


Just to point out something! Sometimes when I get out of a spin I can't move until I jump again


really cool game! 


Amazing game in every aspect! Realy good job


love it!!


This is so fun and amazing, good job on level design, concept, art, gameplay, and music!


your design skills are truly top tier =)

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thnk u jon topielski


this is really cool! thank you so much making this! <3<3<3