A puzzle game about manipulating blocks to reach greater knowledge.


WASD or Arrow Keys to move

Click and Drag blocks to throw them


I'm not sure to continue development on this project or not. I think it would make for a great mobile game. Nonetheless I hope you enjoy it for what it is!

Have fun!


Music by Connor Grail

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(45 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Platformer
Made withGameMaker
TagsGameMaker, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Short, Singleplayer

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What engine do you use?

GameMaker Studio: 2!

noice. Same here.

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get to the flag block safely without crashing the block & the spikes to complete all 24 levels


How did you make those win/death animations in Gamemaker? (im really new to gamemaker) Like how did you get an animation play and then move to the next room when you finish the animation? How do you detect when the animation is finished?


There is a prebuilt Animation End you can use to detect that stuff.

I felt a really similar way when I first started gamemaker too (seeing people use all these tricks). I think there's a ton of tutorials out there that can help whip you up into shape to figure these things out.

Thanks, do you know any specific channels that are good to learn those kinds of stuff?

i like how the wizard dude is just always jammin' to the music


Me: Aw, crap I screwed up.

My conscience: *attempts to press R*

Law of the universe: TIME TO DIE OLD MAN.

Lawful side of my brain: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

awesome game, thank you. 


Awesome ...really very smart game...and level design..i just love it


Great game!

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exactly the style of game I love :) Simple design and mechanics and nice atmospherix music. Thanks. Would be great to have an exe like this I will include it in my freeware frontend I'm making through emulationstation :) Would love to see a control scheme with only a gamepad: also even because there is no timer ( I don't like time with puzzle platformer but maybe some like it)

I'm still playing it not finished yet:)




Really chanllenging, good level design :)


I made a few mistakes, but I enjoyed playing until the end! Please continue the project!


great game!


This is awesome you should definitely continue working on it.

I couldn't for the life of me figure out "Adjust" level, maybe because it's 6am but this is very impressive nice job.


Levels were really well made! Loved it!

Love it dude! Would be great on mobile, but is fun on desktop as well.


This was amazing! I really enjoyed the gameplay! Here is a video of my playthough! I Got stuck quite a few times lol!