WASD to move

SPACEBAR to slice


A small demo I put together in some free time.

Have fun,


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fun game, i really really love the concept (I WANT MORE), totally not the game dev :)


This is a really cool concept, I loved playing this game. Nice job.


That was quite fun. Would love this mechanic being incorporated into a full metroidvania world with other upgrades


love it. really feels like the Ato metroidvania. Would be really cool to see this bigger in the future :D

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wow thats really fun


makes me think of the dash slash mechanic from specter of torment


Nice idea, this can be hella addicting.

I actually enjoyed this, It reminded me of Dead Cells and Katana Zero.


That slice animation is so juicy, holy hell this is good. Super short of course, but wow is it good.

There is tons of stuff you could do with this concept, moving enemies, boss battles where the weak points help you reach other platforms, or maybe even enemies that give you a one time powerup, like a double-jump.

Easy to learn. Fun to play. Not really hard to master (but that's because the game is short and not fleshed out).

I totally see this going in an awesome direction.

pleaseeeee make a full game

This is so good!! wow <3

Fun platformer, through. I found out that I can also press "Z" to slide, as well.

really fun

fun :^)


Feels great!


if you press space at the end of the game, there's a secret level

i beat the secret level

now it's just lagging



you dash up at the first blob, then let  yourself fall to dash up through the leftmost blob, then fall again and dash up twice through the two blobs that remain.

not a great explanation but i hope that helped

sorry but I just did it and did not read this but I've tried for hours and just got it I wish I have seen this 2 hours ago 

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Thanks! that was a really cool level.



amazing love it the best game I've played in a few months 

This is really fucking dope!

For some reason I imagined a fusion of this demo and Melt for a cool environment-driven boss battle.


Smooth feel, super satisfying when killing the blobs

was fun ty

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This is great, the mechanic reminds me of Ori and the Blind Forrest, I hope you add more in the future.

it has a really nice feel, I don't know why it reminds me of Sonic, where the gameplay is simple, you almost just watch it do it itself but it feels great. 


Neat! Really unique mechanic, and I love the art style, music, and mood.