-CONTROLS- (They're a bit odd)

WASD to move

Arrow keys to aim

Hold spacebar to hit

I didn't have much to do this week, so I decided to spend it working full time on this little project. This is one of my first ever concepts I've come up with, and it bothered me I have never explored it.

It's pretty difficult to understand the controls when you first start, but if you stick with it - I think you will enjoy it.

Have fun!


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TagsDifficult, Pixel Art


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This was so fun! I love the color schemes!

This concept is great! I see what you mean with the controls lol. Love the eyes in the background. I can see this being really nifty with touch controls, or if you were to use the mouse for the aiming and clicking for the push-off mechanic, in addition to WASD for basic rolling. Control would be difficult, but if you found a way to implement it comfortably, I can see this concept skyrocketing


to get to the exit safely to complete all 24 levels


Just about every single one of your games have such a unique twist to the platform genre, this being no different.

Going to say it right now, but I'm going to strive to create games like yours, with the creative mindset of being something more than just another small platformer.

I wish you luck in your future, and if you ever need some music for some of these, please let me know.

Cool math games version is easier to control.


Hot dang I'm bad at this game, lol. Super interesting though. You have a really superb grasp of how to make platformers feel good to play. No doubt that you'll be making the next Celeste or something ;)