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Short but VERY fun.

cool game! very fun


I was watching a devlog by LTGD and he mentioned that he would love to make a game all about wall jumping and he said it didn’t exist, well guess then you made the first one lol


very fun. the gimmick is cool too. more levels please!!!

So fun!

can you add a timer? i think this is a speedrunnable game


Thanks for the awesome game



This game is amazing! Our studio even wants this to be a launch title on our digital storefront, but that won't be for a while.. anyways, great game!

I keep coming back to this every so often when I want a few minutes of fun. I would love to see an expanded version!


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Fun and cool game! I struggled a lot with level 11. :)

Very fun game

Out of all the one-button games I've played, this one has to be my favorite! It's short but fun! :D

fun & straigthforward. Lot of different mechanics for a one button game. Great work !

tht was cool :D


Great game, the movement feels very fluid

cool but short

Great mechanics. Could definitely play a lot more of this. Some kind of different modes horizontal vs vertical movement.

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I love this game and I am starting to speedrun this XD


fun, but how did you go up if you were going down?


travel through the center of the earth!

or something like that



impressively cute and fun.

I love this game so much!!

this game is actually so fire

Solid snappy movement with predictable flight paths which makes the game quite fun in my opinion.


great game! the graphics and soundtrack fit really well together and make for a chill & fun experience. one button is a cool idea too, wish more games had that system.

18/18 levels, idk, some levels i just do "random button smashing interval" and i won somehow... still, a great game


5/5 love it


lovley game, nice and crunchy


Good game but how does the mole get to the surface while going down?


He traveled through the center of the earth ig?

Great game, feels really nice and crunchy

Love this!


Great game ! Can you make it possible to play on mobile ?

Lovely stuff.

Such a cute little game!


but it freezes when jumping on buttons skipping frames


This game has so much potential! The skill based nature of this, because you have to rely on reflexes and quick thinking, would surely make this quite succesfull if you were to expand on it by making more and maybe longer levels. I would gladly spend a few bucks on Steam for this!



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