I wanted to try to make a game with only one button for controls. I found my nephew always struggled with everything else I made so it was nice to see him get through this one.

I hope you like it as much as he did.



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excellent game, I loved it although you could make it downloadable and with more levels it would be fabulous !! I had a blast at your game, keep it up
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this is an amazing short game, with great replayability, it doesnt looked like you rushed at all! there need to be more game developers like you, who balance replayablity, fun, smoothness, graphics, and just all around hard work. please continue to make great games like this for the community to enjoy, as this was a great game, and you should keep up the amazing work.

edit: i love how the game sticks to an ardcade feel, while still feeling modern and enginuitive.

you need to make an android/ios version of this, it´s addictive

Really good game, I loved it!

Solid fun all the way through. Good job :)

This was fun!

Although short, its fun the whole way though!!

Love this game! Thx a lot for sharing


Ohhhhh, I loooove this. Any chance of downloadables of your games? :3


GOD this is so smooth, I feel like the levels are so satisfyingly fine-tuned to the arc of the jumps. excellent stuff


thank you adam <3


Really, really cool, the level design is perfect, i like how you introduce the mechanics step-by-step and never under- or overuse them. The pixel art style is also amazing and the sound design and music is fitting. The best thing about this game are the controls though. They just feel so polished. You could easily expand this. :)

I hope my feedback helped you, would be nice if you could check out my latest game too.

Really cute and the music was very chill!

Please make more like this :)


This was such a cute and really fun game! Level 11 killed me omg lol, and 18 was pretty challenging too. I loved that it included progressively difficult puzzles without them being rage-inducing. The music is really cute, as are the animations, and the game is just all-around great. Also love that you designed this with your nephew in mind. Thanks for making this and sharing it with us all!!


reminds me of good old times and I'm 16 how did you manage this

I'd think it would be the scanline/crt vibe ;)

this game was really cute, and i really liked playing it!

its a good game cuz the game idea is Unique and the pixel art is epic and The music fits the atmosphere of the game


This was so adorable and fun! The reaction times for a few of these levels felt kinda brutal, but everything is conveyed nicely through gameplay and mechanics, and it was a very enjoyable little game overall!


Is impossible not to love that mole.

Here my channel if ypu want to take a peek / Aquí esta mi canal por si les gustaria ver más juegos por el estilo.

You should try to make a level editor. Great game!


Very well designed! I enjoyed a lot the way how you teach the player how things work in different levels and your screen rumble feels awesome.
The only point I struggled with was the start of a few levels where I was pushed directly into some danger and that lead me sometimes to a lot frustration. In many hardcore platformers there is a litle rest at the beginning of the level so the player can start to focus on the problems (obstacles) in the levels.
But overall very good game!

Great game! Had a good time playing and recording it. Nice art, very interesting mechanics, and bangin' soundtrack! Simple, easy to pick up and play, and the good level design keeps things fresh all throughout the playthrough. The game has replayability, too.

Kinda wish there was more levels though, or maybe an in-game timer to show how fast you beat it in the end.

Good stuff dev! Looking forward to more projects.

Please check out the video and my channel: VladMan.

Thank you!


as simple as it is fun to play :) Bravo. Kind of game that will be fun to have an level editor !

Yo this was dope! Absolute amazing, short, but SO SWEET puzzle platformer. Great job! 

Oh man this was super fun! :D


how could your nephew beat this, this is SO HARD.

he's kinda nuts.

he also beat cuphead at the age of 5, not to flex.

oh god


Man, this game was so cool! A shame it's so short, it looks like those games that once you start you can't stop playing. I loved it! <3


Cool take on the side scroller genre! Reminds me of Super Meat Boy


Holy mole-y this is a really good game.


The 'skimming' mechanic is really nice (low-arc bounce off horizontal surface). It has great kinetic feel, and isn't an action I've seen much before! Thank you very much.

jeez that was hard

good game

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how do you get past level 11

start from the bottom then up

I found top-down was way easier for me


Really good game! It's nice and simple but also challenging!



h how do i get past level three HJSDKSAJ




[achievement unlocked]

Such a neat idea, and very well executed. +1 to the click mode for mobile play idea someone else mentioned, but otherwise perfect.



:) good game:):):0

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