I wanted to try to make a game with only one button for controls. I found my nephew always struggled with everything else I made so it was nice to see him get through this one.

I hope you like it as much as he did.


Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(248 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsCute, easy, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer


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Lovely stuff.

Such a cute little game!


but it freezes when jumping on buttons skipping frames

This game has so much potential! The skill based nature of this, because you have to rely on reflexes and quick thinking, would surely make this quite succesfull if you were to expand on it by making more and maybe longer levels. I would gladly spend a few bucks on Steam for this!



This is game so fun 10/10

I really liked this game, it was really good. Music and visuals were amazing and if your nephew loved this game to bits, then I do love this game as much as he did.

Absolutely loved this game, challenging in a way that's not punishing. Really enjoyed the music and the ending. 10/10 


Really fun! perfect balance of difficulty, not much rage, and overall fun mechanics!

really fun 10/10

amazing game!

such an original ide

good job

game is extrmely fluid but a couple of the later levels get pretty hard ngl

this game is god damn addictive!
now all we need is the editor and more crazy level!!


cool game! it's not too easy but also not too hard . Thank you for making this game!


amazing game, really like how you went about the one button restriction!


Great game and fun!


Such a fun game to play! It took me a minute or two to get used to playing with just one key, but once I got the hang of it, I really had a blast! Very impressed with how diverse it was despite using only space to move around!

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Great game gj!

btw what engine is this?


Gamemaker: Studio
( always check the more information at the bottom of the description <3 )

to land safely on the surface to complete all 18 levels




Thak you for doing this game matt, is awesome and simple to play, is balanced and have a lot of mechanics just with one control


Level editor pls




This game makes me question my existence


this made my day <3

Amazing game!!!


The polished put into this game is amazing!! I had a blast playing this, Thank you!!

excellent game, I loved it although you could make it downloadable and with more levels it would be fabulous !! I had a blast at your game, keep it up
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this is an amazing short game, with great replayability, it doesnt looked like you rushed at all! there need to be more game developers like you, who balance replayablity, fun, smoothness, graphics, and just all around hard work. please continue to make great games like this for the community to enjoy, as this was a great game, and you should keep up the amazing work.

edit: i love how the game sticks to an ardcade feel, while still feeling modern and enginuitive.

you need to make an android/ios version of this, it´s addictive

Really good game, I loved it!

Solid fun all the way through. Good job :)

This was fun!

Although short, its fun the whole way though!!

Love this game! Thx a lot for sharing


Ohhhhh, I loooove this. Any chance of downloadables of your games? :3


GOD this is so smooth, I feel like the levels are so satisfyingly fine-tuned to the arc of the jumps. excellent stuff


thank you adam <3


Really, really cool, the level design is perfect, i like how you introduce the mechanics step-by-step and never under- or overuse them. The pixel art style is also amazing and the sound design and music is fitting. The best thing about this game are the controls though. They just feel so polished. You could easily expand this. :)

I hope my feedback helped you, would be nice if you could check out my latest game too.

Really cute and the music was very chill!

Please make more like this :)


This was such a cute and really fun game! Level 11 killed me omg lol, and 18 was pretty challenging too. I loved that it included progressively difficult puzzles without them being rage-inducing. The music is really cute, as are the animations, and the game is just all-around great. Also love that you designed this with your nephew in mind. Thanks for making this and sharing it with us all!!

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