Keep your flame alive


X to Shift to Shoot

Arrow Keys or WASD to move

R to restart if you get stuck.

This was done for Ludum Dare 46 and the theme was "Keep it alive"

I think it turned out pretty sweet although it's pretty difficult to pick up initially.

Have fun

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Great games! I like them! Have you though to give the source code, in order users to create more levels (or even let AI to create more levels)?


Great game! Def a bit tricky to get the hang of but really satisfying after that! Like pretty much everyone else here, I'd love to see a longer game made out of this. Boss fights could be awesome with this kind of mechanic. You could also possibly add something where you have to light certain things to open doors or something.

that was really awesome! you should make this a game with a tutorial.  

wow  nice game!!!


Music is so good.

Game  mechanism is interesting.

Control is nice.

Short and sweet.

Good game!

Really cool!

This is awesome! Lot's of juice and fluid movementation



Nice game!

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Great Game!!


Great mechanic!!! I’d love it to be a full game

had fun playing it :)

Awesome concept and really good polished implementation -- would love to see more of this!

Love this game idea !

That was brilliant. Loved it. Great mechanic and great vibe.

Cute game!


thank you for this amazing game, I really enjoyed it!  <3<3<3

Really cool! Would love a fully featured game.


really interesting mechanics! I like how the first few levels forced you to figure out the information you needed to progress further even without explicit instructions, because it was literally impossible to pass the level without having to figure it out. I enjoyed it :)

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This was such a cool little game! Took me quite a while to get the hang of things at the beginning though, for sure, but once someone flicked the light on in my brain hole I was good to go!

It's a wonderfully challenging platforming experience, very impressive amount of content too considering it was for a LD! I could definitely myself playing more of this though, so if a bigger game ever comes out of this I'll be front and centre to give it a playthrough! =)

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nice that was extremely creative and fun try making it a full game


the first level

is hard


Woooow realy cool art style and gameplay. My favourite!


Rellly awesome !!!!!!!!


that was great!!!

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Awesome game, I love the crunchiness!


Great idea


Sweet game! Took me a bit to understand it at first but once it clicked the rest of the game flowed very nicely.

hype as usual. a candle was an excellent choice for this game

Thanks Eric :)!


Amazing very polished!