eyy have fun.

Audio By Connor Grail

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Really fun movement. Nice little jam game. :)


Satisfying movement! Left me wanting more! :)

I have played this game multiple times, the movement is super satisfying!

omg he's wearing a little chefs hat omggg

Great game! maybe consider adding a speedrun clock?

Really fun game! Kinda easier than some of your other games IMO but it is still really, really fun

soooooooo noice

Maybe I am bad at video game but the level with three yellow dudes and the balloon dude is tough :X

Agreed; can't get passed it

My controller has no punch button. 🤷‍♀️


have you tried punching the controller?

este juego es muy divertido es genial

Fun game! Uppercut is dope. It's a bit of a challenge at the end, getting all enemies on screen ;)
Optional, of course!


I love it.


This is actually awesome. I love the knuckle sandwich.


Yes chef


this goes hard af

im sayin