WASD or Arrow Keys to move

Space to Jump

Done for GMTK 2020

Another sick year and another great theme. Thanks for hosting the jam Mark!

have fun with this lil fella and good luck out there.


Music done by Connor Grail

Also post-jam note. I'm actively developing IMP and posting GIFS on my twitter you can find here :^).


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(40 total ratings)
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TagsGame Maker's Toolkit Jam


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whenever i hear the word imp i think of helluva boss

Awesome like all your games

try out a minimum jump run, its fun if challenging

do no jump run its ez

its not. theres some nessecary jumps since you cant get everywhere with just explosions.

it was a joke

impossible without jumps

i did that no jumps  

goofy liar

no you goofy

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Great music, awesome game idea and excellent execution! :) Congrats on this cool game. You could probably get this published at like CoolMath Games, I'd recommend contacting them.

Cute !


Congrats on making it into the video again this year! Even if it didn't make the official list, considering how many people were involved it's super impressive :)

HAHAHA! My thoughts exactly. Thanks Mason!

Great job! Really kept me entertained!


Overall a great job! A bit too hard but still very nice and simple


A beautiful game!


Great Idea, it could be implemented into full game.I can imagine me buying this game. 


As always, your level design is super clever and your visuals + audio are super crisp. Fantastic job!


Awesome mechanic!  You play as an imp that periodically explodes.  Imp don't care though, theyre a demon, it just bounces them around, BUT you can use this to your advantage to break through walls, gain some extra height, all the while trying to dodge spikes and treacherous pools of what I can only assume is hell water.  I did end up being so hyped after solving some rooms that I ran straight into aforementioned water in the next room accidentally.  The sound track and visual effects are bopping. The music particularly has a good beat to remind you of your timing, and the simple but colorful designs make it very clear what everything is in the level so all you gotta worry about is the puzzles.  Also Imp is adorable.


My first game of this jam, and it's a masterpiece! It has amazing visuals, audio and gameplay alike! I especially like the leftover stages as a reward in the end :)


I really like the gameplay !