Done for Lojam! The theme was Growth

A Game Jam hosted in London Ontario!

Thanks for playing and thanks for everyone who helped set up this great event!

Audio by Connor Grail

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
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I like it better than your usual games... only wish for more levels. also whats the point of the last block in high jump?


This is a fun puzzle game! Didn't take long to get the hang of the controls, and the introduction to how the pink block can walk like the green one was well done. I agree with the other commenters that Fish took me the longest, but in a good way. Figuring that one out was super satisfying. Thanks for the game!

im gooning

Good game : )

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Very fun although one of the challenges is beating me (fish, been working on it for two days). With no regards for what's actually available, I can't think of a single configuration that can make that last jump. Finally got it and feel slightly stupid. Wonderful!

Unless I'm mistaken about something, I believe this is how this works:

  • Green block is you. Can move and jump.
  • Pink block is very much the same.
  • Grey block is just "filler".
  • Jump height is determined by the total of green and pink blocks touching the ground at the time of the jump.
  • Whether or not you can move is determined by any of the green and pink blocks touching the ground at the time of movement.
  • When you touch a block that hasn't "woken up" yet, you have to position it somewhere on your "clump".

I'm stuck on fish, send help

  • Touch the pink, put it on your right.
  • Touch the LEFT grey, put it on your right. (left to right is now green, pink, grey)
  • Stand with the grey overhanging the edge where the last pink is.
  • Touch the last grey and place it UNDER the previous grey.
  • You should fall so that the grey touches the last pink.
  • Connect the pink right there.

Gigachad moment


Amazing game, and calming..also......challenging




great game! if someone is having trouble understanding the controls, when you touch a brick you need to place it next to you (or other brick you have on you) and press space or enter, grey bricks dont to anything, they just expand your body, but the pink bricks move for you, placed to the left or right of your green brick (or another pink brick) it can make you jump higher, i hope this helps!