WASD to move.

Mouse to aim.

Left-click to shoot.

DED GUY is an experiment for a different kind of movement. While playing you must use your gun's recoil to propel yourself forward.

So to gain height, shoot underneath you.

Landing on the ground, and bouncing off walls is the only way to reload your gun.

My best time was 0:2:07:02

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Have fun with this one. 



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I am enjoying this game. However, I have 2 big bugbears.

Why does it take so long to register a death from falling in a pit? With games with high death-counts, every second counts.

I don't think the movement system will catch on because it's too hard to position the mouse to the right spot as you move. Both the speed and the dual action (like rubbing your tummy while patting your head) is off-putting to the gameplay.

Despite the many, many deaths I faced, Ded Guy is a pretty great time. The controls are solid, the challenge is...frustrating, but doable, and the music is rocking. Overall, this is a nice piece of work. The only thing I'd change is the part where hitting your ded hed on blocks makes you drop instead of them disappearing.

Good job, dev.

Amazing game! The art style and music was really nice and created a great vibe to the game. The concept of using the recoil in the gun to move around was genius and overall this game was a lot of fun, keep up the good work :D

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