This was an awesome experience, I figured I'd try to restrict myself as much as I could with the "Only One" theme.

One bullet, and one button to play.

This is something I don't think I could have ever thought of without this prompt, so thank you for that.

I'm quite proud of this beautiful disaster.

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Music by Connor Grail - > https://www.youtube.com/user/CheesyRhino

Thank you for playing. :^)



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I love this game

Cool idea! I got a bit annoyed that the cannon ball doesn't have a timeout, and the the only way for it to go away is if it hits you. I waited for like 5 minutes in one area and it never hit me. I restarted the level several times and kept getting stuck like that, so I quit.

All around, really cool game. I'd just add a 30 second timer or something to explode the cannon ball.


This ended up having a lot more of everything than I expected. And by that I mean more content, more rage, more insanity and more fun (well, maybe I always anticipated the fun!).

Honestly, for such a simple little concept, this game has a lot of depth, difficulty and genuine playability. Just one button required, complete with an aiming system and away you go!

I'm quite proud to say that I managed to get through it all (somehow) and (mostly) in one piece. Highly recommend this game for anyone looking for something a bit different and yet oddly familiar, in a comfortable old-school kinda way!

Keep up the awesome work Matt, this was a cracking experience! =)


It's a great mechanic and a good game. However, the difficulty is too high for me.


I can only wish I made this game. It's so good I'd buy it instantly if it was a long game. Absolutely gorgeous.


When I saw this game in the GMTK video I thought it would feel clunky but I actually playing through it was a lot of fun and not frustrating at all! :)

Fun, but the crosshairs are way off making much more difficult to aim while moving.

Cool idea!

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I just discovered this Gem. Good work!

A fun game that explores the day to day life of a cannon!

Really nice job. A few of the levels are frustrating as hell, but in the kind of way that makes you want to keep trying. Amazing little game!

great idea!

This is actually quite a delight. I went for the one orb shot thing similarly but I think yours takes the cake. The levels are well-made, the mechanics are consistent and fair and overall the entire thing has great game feel. Props in the art and sound department! 

wow what a game one of my favorites so far

Great game. Its not really one button because it uses the mouse position as an input but you do only get one bullet. Fun and really good with sound and visuals. My game doesn't have any sound.

Really enjoyed this! Thanks. :)


Loved this, great job! :)

Thanks Mason!

I hope all is well!

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