WASD to move

Space bar to jump

Hold space bar to glide


Music and SFX by Connor Grail

Art by me and Zack Petropoulakis

you can be a bird

Have fun - Matt

Published 26 days ago
Authorsmmatt_ugh, Zack Petropoulakis
Made withGameMaker: Studio


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It's kind of fun, just wish that the game would also use arrow keys too.


Guys believe me, it ain't a joke. If you press alt f4 repeatingly you get to a weird glitchy screen or test screen. Oh, you can also skip levels like that. Btw, nice game bro, like the simple but spicy graphics. Really give's me Celeste vibes to.


cool game, nicely polished


simple yet addicting

I can see somebody speed running it :D

Love it!


I can't tell you how disappointed I was to hit the end. This was so fun. I still don't think I ever really figured out when to flap, though.

Flap's up first if you want to see my gameplay.

this was awesome to watch. Glad you liked playing it, and I'm sorry the pears don't do anything.

It's okay, even if you'd told me they were useless, I would've gotten them. I either wouldn't have believed you or I would've treated it like a challenge, anyway. I grew up on collect-a-thon games, so I have to get all the shiny things.

Nice game. Art is simple but cool and the gameplay is very good

Cant get past level 6


Awesome game! You made our top five list this week of you're interested!


ABSOLUTELY NAIL BITING. Plays like spelunky plus flappy bird


hmm, looks good but keys not working for me (like it's text input from the keyboard buffer?? and not direct input)


^^ in Chrome....just tested in Firefox and it works fine!


I like it!


A game with my 25 year old nickname... This is precious.


I enjoyed it!

pretty cool, make it a mobile game :) 

Thanks, we will see.

Nice vids btw


Really cool game and well designed levels! Keep it up!



try my game guardian of the galaxy if you want and help me with some suggestions;)

Okay, i think i'm addicted to this game. Just did a speedrun in about 2 minutes. Can't upload on YT because i'm too lazy.

I need moar levels :P


This was very fun! Got all the golden pears too!


Awesome level design! And nice mechanic - like a cross between a short hike and celeste. 


So good, I loved this! Oozing charm. I hope you won 1st place at LoJam ;)


we got 2nd. and a coffee maker, couldn't be happier :).


Really cool game, some Celeste vibes to it, great graphics and music. I would have liked alternatives controls, especially since hitting space bar repeatedly was noisy and exhausting on my old keyboard. Congrats!


Apparently, you can use W for jumping.