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if you spam x you can soft lock it

interesting concept, hope it gets a remake!


i spammed x and i think i broke it :(


I feel like you were tired whilst making this
still a neat little

my favorite part was


I am very scared


I beat the game and I don't understand.
10 out of 10 would recommend


press X


I got it, you need to angel postions and fly/push with x 


Hmm... i can only move <-Left & Right->

And can't interact with anything...


maybe that's intentional and its like deep and we're not meant to give up despite it being impossible or something idk


R resets too if thats something


I found you can press x to change places with the blue square and get an impulse in it's direction.


Thanks for this.

Using this you can reach the next level.

Currently on level 3.


level three was the last one for me, afterwards i got a 'thank u for playing' but thank was mispelt


I am very confused 10/10