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any chance you could put this on github to see how you did all the entities and shooting, per your other game jams>? Cheers! BTW - your vlog was awesome on how iterative this game and coding in general is!

Lol this is super fun!
I loved how overpowered you get with those dynamites!
Are you still working on this?
I have a similarish game, and I'd love your feedback on it

Stolen Hand, Boom Stick, and Vampire together are very strong! Add in double shot and quickdraw and you have a very hot laptop. Great game!

fricken awesome

fun game, reminds me a bit of 20mtd or vampire survivors. the rounds get to hectic way too fast like how to enemies with a shotgun shoot way too fast and the room seems a little to small at times, but i enjoyed it


Fun game but also really hard


Too easy to die.. The game's initial levels needs to be easier. 
Also i dont see where the rolling the dies concept comes in..

But fun gameplay.


In the theme announcement video it said dice did not need to literally be part of the concept and as long as it captured the concept of "rolling the die" in any way whatsoever, it would count. He even said, games centered around probability, randomness, or chance. I think this game very accurately reflects the theme.

Oh ok. Makes sense. I am big fan of games around randomness in games. I loved the gameplay.


Outstanding, once again! I'm constantly blown away by what your guys are able to pull off in such a short timeframe. You seem to have it down to a science. I look forward to seeing your game get highlighted in yet another video, fingers crossed. :)


Can't seem to move with WAS

Try clicking to focus the window!