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One of the best games I played on itch!


I cant express how much i appreciate you adding the 'dumb levels' I've always wanted games to have that where you get to play with the mechanic


I actually like the "dumb levels!" Very fun game!

Nice game! Nice pumpkin!

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This game is amazing from start to finish, any plans for publishing an EXE version of the game?

Thank you! 

I'm not sure yet honestly. I was thinking this just being a small write off. But it seems like it has some promise, so I may continue development. 

Excellent game! I've been looking for some time to compose music like the one in this game, but I can't seem to get many references, mostly because I can't name this genre. The whole basis of the genre (according to me), would be the high pitched mysterious pads, but I don't know how to name or synthesize them (I'm pretty bad at synths). I would be ever so grateful if you gave out tips about how you composed this music and if you synthesised the pad from scratch, how you did that.

For reference, here's another music which features the sounds I'm looking for:


I did not do the music my friend Connor Grail did.

Here's a link to his youtube, he will for sure know way more about this then I do!


Excellent work yet again! Love how you naturally introduce and tutorialize new elements of the game :)

Thanks Mason! I hope to talk to you soon and we can catch up.