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Fun puzzle game, I like how I could understand it without having a tutorial. It became obvious just through level design



Very nice and cool game Mr.mmatt-ugh!

Really nice little game, art sound and controls all on point, well done :]




I L O V E this game, hope to see more levels in this game, its simple but entertaining, its got a lot of potential

The is a very nice game! good job on the music and pixels

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Very nice little game! hope you continue it! also, this could easily work on mobile with a swipe to move control. make some more levels and some other ideas to iterate on and you could have a hit on your hands!

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More Levels :)

Or why not a level editor and let everyone make levels :)

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Awesome game!! I love the graphics so much. I also wonder what game engine are you using since the game load ssssooooooo fast in browser :>


gamemaker 2 !


very nice mechanic

polish and funy!

I love this game! It's so simple and fun, some harder levels would be awesome

Please please please add more levels! This is such a fun concept, and once the jam is over I'd love to see it turned into a full game! I've played a few other games in the jam, but so far this one is the best!

love it! it feels excellent to play, and what a great concept!


Quite easy, it's a shame no more stages really pushed it. On the below stage I thought at one point to go out the top of the top right one then drop down to the bottom right w/o charging; turned out much simpler than all that (though I still liked this puzzle for sure).

It would have been nice to see some more out the box thinking like that. Since you're so conditioned to operate inside this tile mode, when I did have to use the platforming nature of the game it really lead to an "AH" moment that's hard to pull off in puzzle games.

Overall though pretty cool. Was the style inspired by Stuffed Wombat at all? 

Yeah I agree there's room for some pretty whacky stuff.

I didn't utilize the full 48 hours at all so I didn't have much time to flush out the level design sadly.

Though seein all the positive reception so far I think I'll expand it to make it a more full experience!

Also I like to think the style is this wombatish/baba is you combination hahaha!


So much style in such a simple game ahhh it's so good

thanks jon ur the best


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I hope you will win! A short, good, and simple puzzle game. Just the right amount for a game jam. Great job.

So snappy, and the music is hella tight too!

really fun!!!


I really enjoyed this, thanks for making it and sharing it.




Pretty simple concept but really well executed. I'm impressed by how many levels were actually made.


This is pretty great


Woaw! Cool!



fun game, super enjoyed


fun mechanic


Really fun and creative take on the theme!